"Brights" Swim Vest

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Colour: Blue Curaco

Stylish and functional - these swim vests offer a transitional floatation product allowing your child to grow confidence in the water while remaining safe.  Our newly designed "Brights" line features tones that have higher visibility in and out of the water - made for quick sight and safety regardless of setting. 

Constructed from UPF 50 neoprene, these vests are designed to fit snug and comfortable all day long with or without the use of a rashguard. 

Unlike our Floaties, these focus the flotation around your childs core leaving their arms free for full range of motion.  Children will experience a stable float, while relying on their own body movements to move around.  They are not a life jacket, nor are they rated for use on a boat.  These are a swim aid intending to help your children gain confidence and learn fundamentals of swimming while remaining safe in the water.  We do suggest children have a level of comfort in the water prior to using these vests and they must be used under parental supervision

These vests are offered in 2 sizes:
Small: 1-3Y (22lbs - 40lbs) 
Medium: 3-6Y (40lbs - 66lbs) 

Suggested for children with some comfort in the water, these "Brights" vests are available in 3 unique tones, perfectly designed to coordinate with our full range of swimwear.  They also offer:

    • crotch strap for fit + safety
    • removable inner flotation allowing you to add or remove based on your child's comfort and experience
    • neck loop for easy hang and grab of little ones
    • sized vests ensuring better fit based on weight.